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​Need moisture control but still desire a solid hardwood floor for your project? See if Sealed Six Sided Solid Hardwood Floors will suit your needs. 

​We can mill the matching mouldings and the matching treads & risers!

Engineered Flooring

Custom Colors for Pre-Finished Engineered Floors are available.

Our Hi-Tech Engineered Floors make it possible for you to match new or existing hardwood flooring  located on the main floor(s) of a home or business to the sub-floor or basement. 

For Commercial & Residential Applications

​​Engineered Flooring is designed for use on concrete and lightly damp areas (kitchens, etc.) where a regular Solid Hardwood Floor is often not recommended. Engineered Flooring is made to glue down or float on concrete & solid surfaces.
Sealed Six Side Solid Wood Flooring will also fit this application. 

Engineered Flooring